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How to find sea glass and hunting for sea glass.

We have talked in the past about the best kind of beaches to find sea glass but sometimes we get asked how do you actually find it?  Obviously you  need to find a beach that has a good chance of actually having some glass on it, but you have to walk a lot slower and look a lot harder than what you would if you were just going for a walk on the beach. Beware you do get asked a lot by passers by asking “.  “Have you lost something?”. It is really easy to miss a piece if you walk quickly.

If you watch our video above you will get a good idea as to how slow we actually walk and it also gives you a good idea as to how  much sea glass we find in around 5 minutes. Also by watching our video you will be able to see what sea glass looks like in it’s natural state on the seashore. You will be surprised at how well camouflaged it is amongst the pebbles. and shingle.

We never go digging or swimming or snorkeling for sea glass we simply look as to what is lying on the surface of the beach.  Good luck hunting!

If you have any further tips feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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How much is sea glass worth?


Many people ask me how much is their sea glass worth and sometimes asking me if I would like to buy their sea glass but the truth is,  it’s not worth as much today as it was say around 10 years ago.

Maybe in the future if will gain more value as it becomes harder and rarer to find as we don’t tend to throw as much glass away now but recycle it instead.

The market has become flooded as so many people have taken up the very addictive hobby of sea glass hunting and so now you will easily be able to purchase sea glass on Ebay and Etsy for just a few dollars and even here on our website where we  have a selection of sea glass for sale. The cost will vary depending on the amount, color and quality and sometimes shape.

White is the most common followed by  shades of brown and green. Aqua is a very popular color and will sell well if the quality and size are good. Blues and then reds are quite rare red being the rarest out of the two. You may be able to get a decent price for a decent sized good quality red but it won’t make you rich.

Oranges and purples are extremely rare and I have only ever found two pieces of orange and never yet found a purple but have found a few pale lavenders.

It is said that black is probably one of the rarest yet I have been lucky to have found a few in my time.

If you are looking to sell, try and find pieces similar to your own on Etsy or Ebay to give you an idea of price but then again you also need to ask yourself. How long have these pieces been for sale for and indeed will they ever sell. If the price is to high then it obviously won’t.

To add more value to sea glass it is better to actually make something with it and keep it as a keep sake that is why we and also many others now that have followed actually make sea glass jewelry and crafts.

So if you are actually looking to purchase sea glass then it will depend on the reasons why. For example if you want to make jewelry you will need top quality pieces and if you don’t want to drill then then you can also purchase pre drilled pieces of sea glass here on our website too. Failing that you can also learn how to drill sea glass.

However if you are looking to make mosaics or pictures then the quality may not need to be so high to the actual cost should be much lower for you.

Buyer beware.  There are a lot of what is called tumbled or manufactured sea glass and acrylic sea glass now on the market which is a lot cheaper and comes in all kinds of pretty colors including ready drilled pendants. This is NOT genuine sea glass. Its fine if you don’t want to boast that the sea glass you purchase is not a beach found treasure but do beware of what you are actually purchasing.

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Blue sea glass

Blue sea glass is probably one of the most popular colors of sea glass and most sort after ,yet it is also very rare. It is still found in some parts of the world but no where near as much as the more common colors such as white, brown or green.

Blue sea also comes in lots of different shades too as shown in the picture below.

blue sea glass

Shades of aqua seafoam and turquoise even though they are shades of blue are normally classed in their own color category.

Pieces of blue sea glass are often found to be much smaller than the pieces of white brown or green we find too.  The picture below shows just how small some of the pieces can be. Shown against a US dime. This almost certainly adds to the difficulty of finding blue sea glass.


A lot of pieces found have often originated from Milk of magnesia, Vicks and poison bottles. These old bottles were also made in small sizes which again is why less blue sea glass is found compared to some of the other colors.

Blue sea glass also makes some of the most stunning pieces of sea glass jewelry too.

Blue sea glass and sand dollar earrings

sea glass necklace

Sea Glass Locket

Blue Sea Glass Locket


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Sea Glass Summer

Well what can I say. We have had a fabulous summer, the weather here could have been better as it wasn’t the warmest summer we have ever had and it was quite a windy one too which isn’t always the best condition to have when visiting the beach but it certainly didn’t stop us from getting to the beach and looking for sea glass.  We were rewarded very generously as we have lots of lovely pieces including a couple of very rare pieces of black.

We also visited our favorite beach four times this year and played at being proper beach bums. No sea glass there but it was great to just sit and chill and admire the view.


We have also made countless pieces of new sea glass jewelry including many different flip flop necklaces. Below is just a small handful of them as we know how both you and I love our flip flops.

sea glass necklace

flip flop necklace yellow

flip flop necklace blue


Another one of our favorite pieces this summer is a new pure silk wrap bracelet in really beautiful muted shades of aqua seas and coral. We added some sea glass and a pretty mermaid charm and pearl to compliment it.

silk bracelet

Lots more pieces of sea glass have been added to our shop over the summer so if you haven’t  had a look at our website lately then this month has got t be the time to do it as we also now have a fabulous September Summer Sale event taking place. This includes all of the already reduced pieces in our sale section too. Just use coupon code Summer at the checkout and you will receive a wonderful 15% discount on any order placed this month.

We hope you have enjoyed the summer as much as we have and have also managed to get to the beach too.

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Black Sea Glass Bottle Stoppers

Well I just couldn’t believe my eyes this week. I have been searching for sea glass on a regular basis for many years now and only ever found one bottle stopper and that was an aqua one. This week we went to the beach twice. On the first occasion we found some lovely pieces and our first black bottle stopper but later on in the week we went back to the other end of the beach which is about a mile and half away and found yet another. To find one was just amazing but two was just incredible. I have seen the odd one of these found on the coast of Scotland and another in North East England but never ever in Wales so the tides must have been swirling somewhat this winter to send them down this way.

Now we know black sea glass is very rare and also very very old but I would just love to know where these two originated from. They still have the original orange rubbers attached to them too. They vary slightly in the patterns on the top as you can see from the pictures but the basic design is the same. I have heard it said that these come from very old pirate rum bottles but I am not so sure. If anyone does have any idea where these black sea glass bottle stoppers may have come from I would love to hear from you.

black sea glass bottle stoppers

black sea glass bottle stoppers

black sea glass bottle stoppers

black sea glass bottle stoppers

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Searching for Sea Glass in January

Well the weather forecast was as good as it was going to get for early January. There was not going to be much wind and the frost and ice had cleared from late December. So we checked the tides and all seemed well and off we went.

It was great to be back at the beach once again. In the winter the beach has a special charm. It’s lonely for some but it is also so very very peaceful. All you can here is the sound of the waves and the birds.

When we arrived there was not a soul to be seen.


The previous high tide must have been quite strong and high as it had churned all the shingle and pebbles and the wooden steps down to the beach were completely covered in sand. This was a good sign for us as we knew the sea glass search would be a good one.

It wasn’t long before I found my first blue piece of 2015. Small I know but still it was a blue.


We found lots of sea glass but to be honest the rarer colors did escape us this time.In fact we only found two pieces of blue. On average I normally find around 7 pieces on each visit. the other piece of blue was  certainly a lot larger that the first. In fact is was a whopper!


The high tide had also washed up a lot of Welsh sea slate. These make lovely pendants when wire wrapped so I collected a few of these too.


All in all a lovely few hours spent and a relaxing day. Can’t wait to go back and see what the next high tide washes up.

Our booty from the days finds.


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