December 5, 2019

Sea Glass Jewelry. What’s been trending?

Sea glass jewelry trends last month have been sea glass necklaces. The most popular sales being personalized sea glass jewelry and our beach girl necklace. The beach girl necklace is a lovely piece of sea glass jewelry for any beach loving girl. It has a silver fob with the words “beach girl” hand stamped, and comes with a pretty piece of authentic aqua sea glass on a silver plated necklace. Everyone is very unique as no two pieces of sea glass are ever the same.

beach girl necklace

Other popular items included sea glass necklaces featuring teal colored sea glass and many wire wrapped sea glass necklaces too.  Teal however was a definite winner last month.

We also had many custom requests and just a reminder to let you all know that if you do see something on our website and would like it a little different, or it is out of stock then please just email us or send us a message on our facebook page. Most requests can be arranged very easily and very often with no extra charge.

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