Blue sea glass

Blue sea glass is probably one of the most popular colors of sea glass and most sort after ,yet it is also very rare. It is still found in some parts of the world but no where near as much as the more common colors such as white, brown or green.

Blue sea also comes in lots of different shades too as shown in the picture below.

blue sea glass

Shades of aqua seafoam and turquoise even though they are shades of blue are normally classed in their own color category.

Pieces of blue sea glass are often found to be much smaller than the pieces of white brown or green we find too.  The picture below shows just how small some of the pieces can be. Shown against a US dime. This almost certainly adds to the difficulty of finding blue sea glass.


A lot of pieces found have often originated from Milk of magnesia, Vicks and poison bottles. These old bottles were also made in small sizes which again is why less blue sea glass is found compared to some of the other colors.

Blue sea glass also makes some of the most stunning pieces of sea glass jewelry too.

Blue sea glass and sand dollar earrings

sea glass necklace

Sea Glass Locket

Blue Sea Glass Locket


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