How to find sea glass and hunting for sea glass.

We have talked in the past about the best kind of beaches to find sea glass but sometimes we get asked how do you actually find it?  Obviously you  need to find a beach that has a good chance of actually having some glass on it, but you have to walk a lot slower and look a lot harder than what you would if you were just going for a walk on the beach. Beware you do get asked a lot by passers by asking “.  “Have you lost something?”. It is really easy to miss a piece if you walk quickly.

If you watch our video above you will get a good idea as to how slow we actually walk and it also gives you a good idea as to how  much sea glass we find in around 5 minutes. Also by watching our video you will be able to see what sea glass looks like in it’s natural state on the seashore. You will be surprised at how well camouflaged it is amongst the pebbles. and shingle.

We never go digging or swimming or snorkeling for sea glass we simply look as to what is lying on the surface of the beach.  Good luck hunting!

If you have any further tips feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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