Sea Glass Benefits – From a mermaid’s point of view.

Mermaids are the bridge between the human world and the sea. We are also protectors and ambassadors for the ocean and help protect and preserve aquatic life.

For centuries, the ocean has been supplying humans with beautiful jewelry made out of pearls, coral, and shells. Within the last 100 years, the humans have been supplying us mermaids with beautiful stones made out of a hard translucent material they call glass. This human material, and the natural movement of the ocean smooths the original rough edges creating a  stone with magical opaque colors. This smoothing process takes about 10 years to complete but the end results are breathtaking!

We use these stones for all sorts of things under the sea. Our most popular is mermaid jewelry. It makes us feel beautiful! One of my favorite things to do is swim close enough to the surface and see the sunlight shine through the smooth stones. These jewelry is becoming more and more rare as more of it is being used. Some mermaids believe this “sea glass” has magical powers so keep your eyes out for the orange or black ones.  

From what we hear underwater, humans are also wearing these stones! How fun!  We are fascinated by the human world even though we can’t make contact. We have to watch from afar.  

For a long time, the underwater world was saddened because the humans treated our home poorly by dumping trash everywhere. However, we are happy that they are changing their ways and trying to clean things up by doing something called “upcycling.” This is when something (that is considered garbage) is transformed into something beautiful. Now, the humans are collecting this sea glass for upcycled jewelry on the beaches (so they can look like us mermaids) rather than using our shells or hurting our coral beds.

We really strive to preserve our beautiful oceans and love that we are doing it together. Thanks Humans!

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