Pagan Jewelry

We have recently combined the material of authentic sea glass and beautiful pagan charms to create our very own sea glass pagan jewelry.

Pagan jewelry is very often symbolic, spiritual and always magical. So to combine the two just seemed natural.

We offer many necklaces and some earrings using charms such as witches, broomsticks and the pentacle, the triquetra, the green man. Sun, moon stars and mythical dragons which are very popular also with giant hit series Game of Thrones. Good luck charms such as four leaf clovers and nature inspired branches and trees are also available in our new range of pagan jewelry.

We have chosen green sea glass which symbolizes fertility, wealth and growth and white sea glass for its connection to the moon and tides. All items come ready for gift giving in their own organza pretty gift bags and don’t forget we ship worldwide and a standard flat rate of just $4.99 to any part of the world.

Here is just a selection of our new Pagan Jewelry but be sure to see the whole range here.

Pagan Jewelry.

Green sea glass and pentacle necklace.

Sea glass witch necklace
Sea witch necklace.
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