Pagan Jewelry

We have recently combined the material of authentic sea glass and beautiful pagan charms to create our very own sea glass pagan jewelry.

Pagan jewelry is very often symbolic, spiritual and always magical. So to combine the two just seemed natural.

We offer many necklaces and some earrings using charms such as witches, broomsticks and the pentacle, the triquetra, the green man. Sun, moon stars and mythical dragons which are very popular also with giant hit series Game of Thrones. Good luck charms such as four leaf clovers and nature inspired branches and trees are also available in our new range of pagan jewelry.

We have chosen green sea glass which symbolizes fertility, wealth and growth and white sea glass for its connection to the moon and tides. All items come ready for gift giving in their own organza pretty gift bags and don’t forget we ship worldwide and a standard flat rate of just $4.99 to any part of the world.

Here is just a selection of our new Pagan Jewelry but be sure to see the whole range here.

Pagan Jewelry.

Green sea glass and pentacle necklace.

Sea glass witch necklace
Sea witch necklace.
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Sea Glass Benefits – From a mermaid’s point of view.

Mermaids are the bridge between the human world and the sea. We are also protectors and ambassadors for the ocean and help protect and preserve aquatic life.

For centuries, the ocean has been supplying humans with beautiful jewelry made out of pearls, coral, and shells. Within the last 100 years, the humans have been supplying us mermaids with beautiful stones made out of a hard translucent material they call glass. This human material, and the natural movement of the ocean smooths the original rough edges creating a  stone with magical opaque colors. This smoothing process takes about 10 years to complete but the end results are breathtaking!

We use these stones for all sorts of things under the sea. Our most popular is mermaid jewelry. It makes us feel beautiful! One of my favorite things to do is swim close enough to the surface and see the sunlight shine through the smooth stones. These jewelry is becoming more and more rare as more of it is being used. Some mermaids believe this “sea glass” has magical powers so keep your eyes out for the orange or black ones.  

From what we hear underwater, humans are also wearing these stones! How fun!  We are fascinated by the human world even though we can’t make contact. We have to watch from afar.  

For a long time, the underwater world was saddened because the humans treated our home poorly by dumping trash everywhere. However, we are happy that they are changing their ways and trying to clean things up by doing something called “upcycling.” This is when something (that is considered garbage) is transformed into something beautiful. Now, the humans are collecting this sea glass for upcycled jewelry on the beaches (so they can look like us mermaids) rather than using our shells or hurting our coral beds.

We really strive to preserve our beautiful oceans and love that we are doing it together. Thanks Humans!

About the Author

Molly is the owner of the blog Everything Mermaid and enjoys writing product reviews on all mermaid items especially mermaid jewelry, fabric tails, and party supply ideas. Follow along to get discount codes for your favorite mermaid items!

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How to find sea glass and hunting for sea glass.

We have talked in the past about the best kind of beaches to find sea glass but sometimes we get asked how do you actually find it?  Obviously you  need to find a beach that has a good chance of actually having some glass on it, but you have to walk a lot slower and look a lot harder than what you would if you were just going for a walk on the beach. Beware you do get asked a lot by passers by asking “.  “Have you lost something?”. It is really easy to miss a piece if you walk quickly.

If you watch our video above you will get a good idea as to how slow we actually walk and it also gives you a good idea as to how  much sea glass we find in around 5 minutes. Also by watching our video you will be able to see what sea glass looks like in it’s natural state on the seashore. You will be surprised at how well camouflaged it is amongst the pebbles. and shingle.

We never go digging or swimming or snorkeling for sea glass we simply look as to what is lying on the surface of the beach.  Good luck hunting!

If you have any further tips feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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Beautiful sea glass marble

Well yesterday we had a wonderful day searching for sea glass. We found blues, whites, greens, blacks but best of all I found the best marble I have ever found. A small and beautiful teal colored marbles with what looks like white lips. Sorry guys this is a keeper. It’s not for sale unless you want to make me rich of coarse.


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How much is sea glass worth?


Many people ask me how much is their sea glass worth and sometimes asking me if I would like to buy their sea glass but the truth is,  it’s not worth as much today as it was say around 10 years ago.

Maybe in the future if will gain more value as it becomes harder and rarer to find as we don’t tend to throw as much glass away now but recycle it instead.

The market has become flooded as so many people have taken up the very addictive hobby of sea glass hunting and so now you will easily be able to purchase sea glass on Ebay and Etsy for just a few dollars and even here on our website where we  have a selection of sea glass for sale. The cost will vary depending on the amount, color and quality and sometimes shape.

White is the most common followed by  shades of brown and green. Aqua is a very popular color and will sell well if the quality and size are good. Blues and then reds are quite rare red being the rarest out of the two. You may be able to get a decent price for a decent sized good quality red but it won’t make you rich.

Oranges and purples are extremely rare and I have only ever found two pieces of orange and never yet found a purple but have found a few pale lavenders.

It is said that black is probably one of the rarest yet I have been lucky to have found a few in my time.

If you are looking to sell, try and find pieces similar to your own on Etsy or Ebay to give you an idea of price but then again you also need to ask yourself. How long have these pieces been for sale for and indeed will they ever sell. If the price is to high then it obviously won’t.

To add more value to sea glass it is better to actually make something with it and keep it as a keep sake that is why we and also many others now that have followed actually make sea glass jewelry and crafts.

So if you are actually looking to purchase sea glass then it will depend on the reasons why. For example if you want to make jewelry you will need top quality pieces and if you don’t want to drill then then you can also purchase pre drilled pieces of sea glass here on our website too. Failing that you can also learn how to drill sea glass.

However if you are looking to make mosaics or pictures then the quality may not need to be so high to the actual cost should be much lower for you.

Buyer beware.  There are a lot of what is called tumbled or manufactured sea glass and acrylic sea glass now on the market which is a lot cheaper and comes in all kinds of pretty colors including ready drilled pendants. This is NOT genuine sea glass. Its fine if you don’t want to boast that the sea glass you purchase is not a beach found treasure but do beware of what you are actually purchasing.

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