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Sea glass jewellery for sale in London UK

We are pleased to announce that we have a small selection of sea glass jewellery for sale in Greenwich London.  If you are lucky enough to be close to the area a few of our items can be viewed and purchased at Things British gift shop tghere. The address  7 Turnpin Lane Greenwich London SE10 9JA United Kingdom.

Another welcome item  of news for all our UK customers is that now we have had a technical guys upgrade the website so that you can also now in pounds sterling instead of US dollars.   

Just a few of our sea glass jewellery items which can now be purchased at the Things British Gift Shop in London

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How to clean sea glass jewelry

We have many enquiries as to how is the best way to clean sea glass and sea glass jewelry the simple answer is to wash the sea glass itself in mild warm soapy water and they dry with paper towels.

To care and clean sea glass jewelry is a matter of preservation. Keep it as dry as possible at all times. Never wear it in the sea, bath or pool and try not to let body sprays, lotions or perfumes touch it. Cosmetics can have strange effects on metal jewelry, even the smallest amount can trigger a reaction and shorten is lifespan drastically.  Also don’t wear your jewelry to bed this can damage it.

When not in use store it in a clean air tight plastic bag.  Should the sea glass in your piece of jewelry become dirty then if possible remove it from its setting and wash in mild soapy water making sure to thoroughly dry it before returning it to it’s setting.

To clean the silver plated metal or sterling metal we advise to rub lightly with a dry soft cloth after it has been worn.

After a period of time you may find that your sea glass in your jewelry looses its frosty look. This is due to the natural oils in your body coating the glass. To bring back the natural frosty look simply wash it with mild soapy water and return it to its setting again. If on the other hand you prefer the more transparent look of sea glass this can be enhanced by dabbing a drop or two of baby oil on the glass itself and rub it into the glass then using a paper towel rub off as much as you can. Sea glasses natural state is frosty however.

We don’t treat any of our sea glass with oils they are all hand washed and left in their natural state the way nature and the sea gave them to us.


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Sea Glass Hearts for Valentines Day

What could be a better gift for Valentines day than a pretty silver filigree heart locket with authentic sea glass. We have blue sea glass heart lockets, and a green sea glass lockets and even a few very rare red sea glass heart lockets. A fabulous way to show just how much you care.

We also have sea glass earrings with silver hearts.


We also have a natural shaped heart in white sea glass with a lovely red crystal. We don’t find many hearts so I am afraid we only have just one of these beauties.

Sea glass heart Pendant

Happy Valentines day.

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Happy Flip Floppin’ Friday

fflip flops 2

Yes we all love that time of the week and of coarse we all love our flip flops too. Flip flops are freedom for feet and will always be thought of as our beach shoes too.  The name came from the actual sound they make when you walk which makes them fun too.

We have a huge collection of different designed pieces of sea glass jewelry with flip flops.

We have flip flops for ears

flip flop earrings

Flip flops for ankles

flip flop anklet

Flip Flops for wrists

flip flop bracelet

Flip Flops for necks. Lots more different design are available in the necklace section

flip flop necjlace

and even flip flops for your keys too.

sea glass keyring

So enjoy your Fridays and your flip flops.

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Beach Bum Jewelry

A few weeks back now we introduced some new “Beach Bum” jewelry for all you beach addicts out there. All the new pieces feature sea glass of coarse and a pretty sun shaped silver plated double sided “beach bum” charm.  Check them out below.

Beach Bum Key chain.  The essential keychain for all you beach bums.

Beach Bum key chain

Pretty Beach Bum Earrings

Beach bum earrings

Beach Bum Anklet

Can also be ordered as a bracelet.

beach bum anklet

Lady but not least the very beautiful Beach Bum Necklace

beach bum necklace

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Sea Glass Summer

Well what can I say. We have had a fabulous summer, the weather here could have been better as it wasn’t the warmest summer we have ever had and it was quite a windy one too which isn’t always the best condition to have when visiting the beach but it certainly didn’t stop us from getting to the beach and looking for sea glass.  We were rewarded very generously as we have lots of lovely pieces including a couple of very rare pieces of black.

We also visited our favorite beach four times this year and played at being proper beach bums. No sea glass there but it was great to just sit and chill and admire the view.


We have also made countless pieces of new sea glass jewelry including many different flip flop necklaces. Below is just a small handful of them as we know how both you and I love our flip flops.

sea glass necklace

flip flop necklace yellow

flip flop necklace blue


Another one of our favorite pieces this summer is a new pure silk wrap bracelet in really beautiful muted shades of aqua seas and coral. We added some sea glass and a pretty mermaid charm and pearl to compliment it.

silk bracelet

Lots more pieces of sea glass have been added to our shop over the summer so if you haven’t  had a look at our website lately then this month has got t be the time to do it as we also now have a fabulous September Summer Sale event taking place. This includes all of the already reduced pieces in our sale section too. Just use coupon code Summer at the checkout and you will receive a wonderful 15% discount on any order placed this month.

We hope you have enjoyed the summer as much as we have and have also managed to get to the beach too.

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