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Sea Glass Benefits – From a mermaid’s point of view.

Mermaids are the bridge between the human world and the sea. We are also protectors and ambassadors for the ocean and help protect and preserve aquatic life.

For centuries, the ocean has been supplying humans with beautiful jewelry made out of pearls, coral, and shells. Within the last 100 years, the humans have been supplying us mermaids with beautiful stones made out of a hard translucent material they call glass. This human material, and the natural movement of the ocean smooths the original rough edges creating a  stone with magical opaque colors. This smoothing process takes about 10 years to complete but the end results are breathtaking!

We use these stones for all sorts of things under the sea. Our most popular is mermaid jewelry. It makes us feel beautiful! One of my favorite things to do is swim close enough to the surface and see the sunlight shine through the smooth stones. These jewelry is becoming more and more rare as more of it is being used. Some mermaids believe this “sea glass” has magical powers so keep your eyes out for the orange or black ones.  

From what we hear underwater, humans are also wearing these stones! How fun!  We are fascinated by the human world even though we can’t make contact. We have to watch from afar.  

For a long time, the underwater world was saddened because the humans treated our home poorly by dumping trash everywhere. However, we are happy that they are changing their ways and trying to clean things up by doing something called “upcycling.” This is when something (that is considered garbage) is transformed into something beautiful. Now, the humans are collecting this sea glass for upcycled jewelry on the beaches (so they can look like us mermaids) rather than using our shells or hurting our coral beds.

We really strive to preserve our beautiful oceans and love that we are doing it together. Thanks Humans!

About the Author

Molly is the owner of the blog Everything Mermaid and enjoys writing product reviews on all mermaid items especially mermaid jewelry, fabric tails, and party supply ideas. Follow along to get discount codes for your favorite mermaid items!

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New sand dollar wrap anklets

Pretty sea glass and sand dollar wrap anklets

These lovely new sea glass and sand dollar anklets are just perfect for summer. Lightweight and trendy in four different colors. Choose from white, aqua, pink or lilac. Made on a soft waxed cotton cord with pretty silver plated beads and a silver plated sand dollar charm and of coarse authentic frosty white sea glass.

Which one is your favorite color?

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How to clean sea glass jewelry

We have many enquiries as to how is the best way to clean sea glass and sea glass jewelry the simple answer is to wash the sea glass itself in mild warm soapy water and they dry with paper towels.

To care and clean sea glass jewelry is a matter of preservation. Keep it as dry as possible at all times. Never wear it in the sea, bath or pool and try not to let body sprays, lotions or perfumes touch it. Cosmetics can have strange effects on metal jewelry, even the smallest amount can trigger a reaction and shorten is lifespan drastically.  Also don’t wear your jewelry to bed this can damage it.

When not in use store it in a clean air tight plastic bag.  Should the sea glass in your piece of jewelry become dirty then if possible remove it from its setting and wash in mild soapy water making sure to thoroughly dry it before returning it to it’s setting.

To clean the silver plated metal or sterling metal we advise to rub lightly with a dry soft cloth after it has been worn.

After a period of time you may find that your sea glass in your jewelry looses its frosty look. This is due to the natural oils in your body coating the glass. To bring back the natural frosty look simply wash it with mild soapy water and return it to its setting again. If on the other hand you prefer the more transparent look of sea glass this can be enhanced by dabbing a drop or two of baby oil on the glass itself and rub it into the glass then using a paper towel rub off as much as you can. Sea glasses natural state is frosty however.

We don’t treat any of our sea glass with oils they are all hand washed and left in their natural state the way nature and the sea gave them to us.


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Sea glass jewelry. What’s new?

We have a lots of new sea glass jewelry items since we last made a blog post. Time flies so quick but before we show you a few new items we want to draw your attention to our new mailing list/news letter.  We are currently offering anyone that signs up a 10% discount coupon to use on any order from our website and that includes all our sale items too.  By signing up you get to keep up to date with our latest products and offers straight to your mail box.

Now to show you a few of our latest items.

One of our favorites has go to be this gorgeous super soft pure silk wrap bracelet with authentic sea glass and a silver plated anchor charm. The colors in the silk remind me of the sea and sailing.

silk wrap bracelet

We also have  quite a large selection of new mermaid scale and sea glass items as well. These mermaid scales are iridescent and shimmer like mermaids tails would.

bronze starfish necklace

bronze set 2

mermaid scale set

Other new  items include a range of one of a kind vintage style bronze charms with sea glass necklaces.

bronze key and sea glass necklace

vintage sea glass necklace

sea glass bottle and shell necklace

Also check out our sea glass bracelets section for more popular sea glass bangle designs that have been recently added too.


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Blue sea glass

Blue sea glass is probably one of the most popular colors of sea glass and most sort after ,yet it is also very rare. It is still found in some parts of the world but no where near as much as the more common colors such as white, brown or green.

Blue sea also comes in lots of different shades too as shown in the picture below.

blue sea glass

Shades of aqua seafoam and turquoise even though they are shades of blue are normally classed in their own color category.

Pieces of blue sea glass are often found to be much smaller than the pieces of white brown or green we find too.  The picture below shows just how small some of the pieces can be. Shown against a US dime. This almost certainly adds to the difficulty of finding blue sea glass.


A lot of pieces found have often originated from Milk of magnesia, Vicks and poison bottles. These old bottles were also made in small sizes which again is why less blue sea glass is found compared to some of the other colors.

Blue sea glass also makes some of the most stunning pieces of sea glass jewelry too.

Blue sea glass and sand dollar earrings

sea glass necklace

Sea Glass Locket

Blue Sea Glass Locket


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Latest sea glass jewelry additions

We have added quite a lot of new sea glass jewelry pieces lately but thought that we would like to show you some of our new favorites.

The beach is my happy place necklace is a firm favorite. It just about says it all really. The disc is 20mm and has been laser engraved and comes with white sea glass and a silver plated starfish and aquamarine crystal.

beach happy place 4

We also introduced a lovely pure natural silk wrap bracelet in some really sea dreamy colors. This one also features white sea glass and crystals with a very apt tag with the words “dreaming of the sea”. These bracelets are so versatile as they can also be worn as anklets or necklaces.

dreaming of the sea silk bracelet

We also created a range of sea glass flip flop pendants in white, green and amber brown sea glass. Thee have all been individually hand drilled and created to give you the ultimate in hand made sea glass jewelry.


brown flip flop sea glass pendant

green sea glass flip flop pendant


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